Introducing the Lift eFoil

We’re proud to not just offer the world’s premiere performance hydrofoils for surf and wake, but also the ultimate electric hydrofoil experience for flying over any body of water, no wind, waves or towing required.

Pre-Order Your EFOIL
  • Easily Transportable

    The Lift eFoil is easily assembled and taken apart. Take it with you anywhere you go, and setup and breakdown your board, foil, wing and battery quickly for ease of use.

  • Anyone Can Fly

    Our foils are designed with care by our expert team to help easily achieve balance and precision on the water. The Lift eFoil is a foil where riders with no experience have taken off within the first five minutes, and we provide easy-to-follow instructional videos to ensure awesome rides.

  • Total Control

    With our robust bluetooth hand controller you can easily adjust your speed on the board for an effortless, smooth, magic carpet ride. We’ve painstakingly thought thru and tested the entire eFoil experience, adding built in safety features and ensuring a fun user experience.

  • Fly Over Any Body of Water

    Don’t live near the ocean? No problem. You can still experience flying over the water on an eFoil in rivers, lakes and just about any body of water. The Lift eFoil features a silent electric motor that requires no wind, waves, paddles or towing to function.

See the Story Behind the eFoil

Our co-founder and head engineer, Nick Leason explains how the team at Lift came up with the idea for the eFoil and made it come to life.